MECHFALL - trying to bring a slice of the Titanfall experience to Windows Phone and Windows Store.

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Submitted BLASTR to Imagine Cup! This is the current stage of the prototype, about 3 months into part-time development.

Everything is still work-in-progress, but the pre-production stages are mostly complete and ready for development to begin!

Announcing my new game - Cargo: Locked and Loaded!

Cargo: Locked and Loaded is an top-down, action-adventure game where you defend a freighter from some unscrupulous pirates off the coast of Yemen.

I wanted to make a mini-Uncharted game, as an experiment to learn techniques used in the series. Things like character rigging, animations, cutscenes, sound mixing, and balancing gameplay difficulty with story pacing and creating interesting set pieces.

The game has been in development for the last 12 days and is slated for release within the next 2 weeks on the Windows Store.

DownForce is out on Android! Get it at

After an incredibly successful launch on Windows Phone (almost 40,000 downloads since launching in December), I’ve decided to bring the game to Android.

Race along the beaches of the Gold Coast, the streets of Sydney Harbour, or the snowy rally tracks of Norway.

In an update to the old version, you can now touch to turn your vehicle. In addition is a brand new Career mode with event unlocks and varying levels of difficulty.

DownForce - V8 Preview screenshots

What a difference 1 day of work makes! The game is overall more polished and has a cohesive look to it. It’s been submitted to Microsoft for certification.

DownForce - V8 Preview gameplay demo video

After a couple of weeks of crunching, the third of my 3 rapid-fire Windows/Windows Phone 8 games is complete and ready for submitting!

All 3 were made in Unity3D and will be my first published games to be made with that software. It really is a great piece of kit, though I’d really benefit from the Pro upgrade.
Certainly, I’ve had to make a few graphical sacrifices to get the game running with the Free version, but I’d like to think it looks great anyway!

DownForce preview coming along well.

I missed my own deadline of Sunday night, so I will be pushing very hard to get it submitted within the next 24 hours.

At least it’s looking good, graphically. Plays really nicely, too. It’s just what I aiming for in terms of feel, which may not be good for all the actual players!

Welcome to Sydney for the big race!

I’m building a street track in the middle of the Sydney CBD area to imitate the V8 Supercars race that happens on December 6.

This game won’t be quite as full-featured as I have to ship it by Monday.

Air Racing ready for publishing on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8!

That feeling of seeing my games run on a new device never gets old.

Air Racing gets closer to prototype completion
It’s been almost 2 weeks since I started work on this game and it’s at a point where I feel comfortable publishing it to the Windows Store.

Air Racing gets closer to prototype completion

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I started work on this game and it’s at a point where I feel comfortable publishing it to the Windows Store.

Game release - Space Pong

Edit: It’s been certified! Get it here for Windows Phone 8:

Built over 3 days, this will be my first published game created on the Unity3D game engine.

It combines Pong and Air Hockey and is set on a spacecraft orbiting the Earth.

Development: November 11 - 14, 2013

Prototype - DownForce

I’m working on a few mobile prototypes that are going to see the light of day soon.

This is a racing game with a simple mechanic - tap to accelerate. Similar to slot cars, players won’t have control of turning, just the speed of the car. This will keep it fun in short bursts anywhere you go and can be played by anyone.

The idea is to introduce a career mode with different cars. Races will incorporate the tyre changing mechanic from my earlier game Pitstop.

I'm a Software Engineering student at UNSW. I'm a game developer. I'm also a Microsoft Appreneur and a big Open Web and HTML5 enthusiast.

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